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The most trusted source of financial data and news in South Korea. 

Instant access to news and data

INFOMAX delivers exclusive market and business trends to financial professionals. Through our dynamic news network of over 600 journalists at YONHAP INFOMAX and Yonhap News Agency, our clients can stay connected with fast–paced global financial markets. Every news story on INFOMAX is linked to highly relevant data just one click away.

User-friendly, cutting-edge analytic tools

Analytics and charts on INFOMAX can be customized to accelerate the process of creating strategies. INFOMAX’s content and functions are continuously updated based on the latest financial engineering knowledge.

A broad range of research offerings

Clients can access up–to–date research collections published by the sell–side, banks and independent research firms, covering all asset classes. INFOMAX provides comprehensive and in–depth insights into markets, industries and companies.

Portfolio management

Our sophisticated tracking system for cash flows from all asset classes enables clients to monitor and manage portfolios with ease, however complicated they might be. Clients can optimize their portfolio compositions to reduce risk by applying our advanced portfolio analytics.

A must-have reference on markets

INFOMAX has been a standard for Korean financial professionals for decades. Its distinguished reputation in FX and fixed income markets enables our clients to use INFOMAX to benchmark their investment decisions across other asset classes.

Vast real-time market coverage across all financial asset classes

INFOMAX delivers real–time quotes, prices and reference data for major exchanges in the U.S., Europe and Asia. Exchanges covered also include those in emerging markets. Fundamental data and news are covered to provide better visibility to the market. FX, fixed income, IR and commodities are also covered, powered by our global partners.

An unparalleled macroeconomic database

Clients can view, chart and download time series macroeconomic data for more than 70 countries, as well as access around 18,000 indicators over a 60–year period.

SMART INFOMAX for iOS and Android

Whether in or out of the office, you can stay connected to all our financial data and news through your mobile phone. SMART INFOMAX is optimized for any mobile environment to give you a satisfactory user experience.