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YONHAP INFOMAX is a subsidiary of Yonhap News Agency, South Korea’s main news agency under the News Agency Promotion Act.
YONHAP INFOMAX has been the foremost financial information provider in South Korea since 2000.
We are committed to fulfilling the information needs of the Korean financial industry and supporting local financial market participants with quality data and news content.
Our core business spans from INFOMAX, a flagship desktop terminal, to a real–time low latency market data feed as well as a bond auction platform and video production.
As a distinguished financial media group outperforming most competitors in Korea, we connect experts and market players through regular conferences focused on leading financial issues covered in our newsroom.
YONHAP INFOMAX will strive to provide high–quality, real–time data and continue to be recognized as the most reliable financial information source in Korea.



Launch of INFOMAX AUCTION, a primary market auction platform for bonds issued by state–owned enterprises

Launch of INFOMAX GTS, a leading real–time market data platform for retail investors

Launch of Global Market Monitor for China, providing news and analytics for Chinese equities

Global Market Monitor for U.S. and Global Fixed Income Information Service introduced

Global ETF added to Global Market Monitor offering

Smart INFOMAX V3.0, the INFOMAX mobile app, introduced

Launch of Asset Management Solution Service

YONHAP INFOMAX founded as a subsidiary of Yonhap News Agency

Institute of Financial Engineering established

YONHAP INFOMAX designated as the official publishing agency of Korea Interbank Offered Rates(KORIBOR)
Broadcast Planning Team established

The first release of INFOMAX Terminal


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INFOMAX Terminal

The most trusted source of financial data and news in South Korea.

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Obtain unrivaled access to our exclusive content across major asset classes INFOMAX Data Feed provides complete access to global exchanges and the OTC market.

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An agile, scalable platform providing easy access to low latency market data for retail investors.

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Video Production

YONHAP INFOMAX broadcasts, produces and distributes specialized Video financial market media

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INFOMAX Auction Platform

Participate in the primary market for bonds issued by state–owned enterprises through our patented auction platform.

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YONHAP INFOMAX is a subsidiary of Yonhap News Agency, South Korea's main news agency under the News Agency Promotion Act.

Yonhap Media Group

Yonhap Media Group

Yonhap News

Yonhap News is South Korea's leading news agency. It delivers domestic and overseas news in real time. The organization has the largest number of journalists among South Korean media companies — more than 600 — and they are dedicated to producing fair and balanced news. Yonhap reporters are spread across a vast network at home and abroad, working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They cover all news topics from politics, business and social issues to culture and sports. The agency produces more than 3,000 news items daily, including articles, photos, graphics and video. These items are serviced to some 180 local news outlets, more than 120 portals and new media platforms, some 210 government ministries and local authorities, and around 250 private businesses. Fulfilling its role as a "window of news," Yonhap News is partnered with 83 news agencies in 70 countries to bring the latest news from the Korean Peninsula to the world.

Yonhap News TV

Yonhap News TV, with Yonhap News Agency being the biggest shareholder, operates an all-news cable TV channel, Yonhap News TV. The programs can be found on cable channel 23 in most parts of the country. For more information,

Yonhap Technology & Maintenance

Yonhap Technology & Maintenance operates and manages systems of Yonhap News Agency and Yonhap Infomax.

Northeast Asia Data Center

Established in 1992, the Northeast Asia Data Center provides vast information on the region including China and Japan to South Korea's government organizations, research institutes and businesses.